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Ever vigilant, the castle has been guarding the township and its people since 1004. The historic setting provides an enchanting location for your wedding. From these heights you are offered panoramic views of the lake far below as you express your commitment to each other. The castle boasts both a wine cellar and a print house. In this location only, as optional activities we can arrange: Bottling your own wine in the castle wine cellar, Your wedding certificate prepared in the old castle print house, and Minting a castle coin.


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The most renowned and prestigious hotel in Bled, The Grand Hotel Toplice has been the choice of many eminent guests and those demanding the best. The hotel is centrally located on the shore of Lake Bled. It’s lakeside terrace offers a wonderful location for your wedding, perhaps followed by drinks and canapés, with the backdrop of the lake, castle, island, forests and mountains of the Triglav National Park.


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Lake Bled’s Registry Office is located in a quiet and attractive setting surrounded by trees and parkland close to the lake and with uninterrupted views of the island church and the mountains of Triglav National Park. This beautifully decorated building is an old villa, converted into the local municipal building and retaining the charm of yesteryear.


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Vila Bled provides a more secluded setting outside the town and has its own parkland which leads directly down to the lake. The historic villa has been updated in a contemporary style and provides a prestigious and elegant setting for your wedding and reception needs with class and excellent service.


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Garden Village Bled is an eco-tourist green resort in Bled, just a couple of hundred metres away from the lake. It is entirely ecologically designed and is a wonderful alternative to hotels and villas in Bled. It is an attraction for nature lovers and it offers a restaurant with a river stream flowing through it, a beach bar under trees and pools with a natural massage waterfall. Adventurous, romantic and exclusive.

Church Of The Mother Of God On The Lake

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You and your guests are rowed across the lake in the local pletna boats. On reaching the island you are met by the staircase of 99 steps leading to the top. According to custom, when two people are married on Bled Island, the groom must carry the bride up these stairs to ensure a long and happy marriage. A true test of the stamina and strength that both the bride and groom bring to the marriage.

The Church of the Mother of God on the Lake is a beautiful baroque church decorated with frescoes and amazing golden altarpieces. It will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests. After the wedding service is performed, you will be asked to honour the local tradition of ringing the church wishing bell. Make the bell toll and fill your life with joy and laughter.


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St. Martin’s Church is positioned in the old town overlooking the lake in a quiet location beneath Bled Castle. Built in 1905, the Neo Gothic building replaced an earlier 15th century Gothic Church. Its impressive interior and size make it the ideal setting for larger church weddings and benefits from close proximity to local hotels and other venues.

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