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Lake Bled, The Loveliest Place To Say: "I Do."

Imagine crystal clear lake waters surrounding a small island with a church overlooked by medieval castle rising above the lake – a picture perfect scene from a fairytale that is truly Bled. It is a place where history is written. A place that invites you to add your part to it by choosing Bled for your special historic day – your wedding day. Bled offers history, tradition, great culinary delights and comfort, combined with unspoilt nature whatever the season.

We can recommend five beautiful and stunning locations where a legal seal of marriage can be given by Bled’s official registrar:

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Lake Bled Registry Office

Located on Bled’s lakeside and surrounded by trees and parkland with uninterrupted views of the island church and mountains beyond. Housed in an old villa the registry office keeps the charm of yesteryear.
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Lake Bled Castle

Rising 100 m above Lake Bled it feels like having the world in the palm of your hand when you say »I do.«

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Vila Bled estate

Located in a historic lakeside park, this was once the summer residence of President Tito. Today it offers style and seclusion.

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Grand Hotel Toplice

The hotel with the longest tradition in town. Classical furnishing, shining chandeliers yearning back to the 1930’s. It is like a fairytale mansion offering its harbour to the newlyweds.

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Garden Village Bled

Garden Village Bled is an eco-tourist green resort in Bled, just a couple of hundred metres away from the lake.

A civil service can be complemented by a church wedding on Slovenia’s only natural Island in the middle of Lake Bled.

With mystical 99 stairs leading to the top of the island (where the multi-denominational chapel Church of the Mother of God sits) even the boat journey to it is unique. Composing history, the legend of the wishing bell and one’s wedding day is a perfect combination. Receiving a church blessing truly is a spiritual experience. Declaring your love and devotion in the eyes of God can be done on several locations out of which we found two to be particularly appealing:

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Church of the Mother of God on the Lake

The Church of the Mother of God on the Lake is a beautiful baroque church decorated with frescoes and amazing golden altarpieces. It will leave a lasting impression on you and your guests.
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St. Martin’s Church

St. Martin’s Church is positioned in the old town overlooking the lake in a quiet location beneath Bled Castle. Its impressive interior and size make it the ideal setting for larger church weddings and benefits from close proximity to local hotels and other venues.

Weddings in Slovenia are simple and the process is uncomplicated. It is important to know that unlike some countries where a church wedding is recognised by the state, a marriage in Slovenia is only considered legal and internationally recognised if performed by the Registrar in a civil ceremony.0

Slovenian tradition is to have both the civil wedding and a church wedding on the same day. But this option is not the only one. You could have your legally recognised marriage in your home country before coming to Slovenia for a Church Wedding in a romantic setting. You can have the Civil Wedding on a separate day from the Church Wedding.

Or you could simply come for the civil ceremony in a romantic location and not have a Church Wedding at all. Here at Primavera Bled we can organise your day to meet your needs – regardless of your requirements.

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Same Sex Marriages have been legal under Slovenian law since 24 February 2017. Under these laws there are no nationality prohibitions. Under Slovene law the legally binding marriage is conducted by a Registrar as described under Civil Ceremonies. Church blessings for Same Sex Marriages are not available. Please note that for couples living outside Slovenia, your married status may not be acknowledged in your country of residence if that country does not have same sex marriage laws.

Possible venues for same sex ceremony are:

Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled Castle, Vila Bled, Bled Registry Office.

Weddings in Slovenia - same sex wedding image gallery
Weddings in Slovenia - same sex wedding image gallery

Symbolic Ceremonies are not legally binding marriages. These ceremonies are provided as an option for couples who wish to exchange vows in a romantic setting. As these are Symbolic Ceremonies there is much scope for variation. They can follow the same traditional format as for a civil or church blessing, or you can develop a service that reflects your own personal style. Please contact us for more information.

Possible venues for symbolic ceremony are:

CIVIL: Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled Castle, Vila Bled.

CHURCH:  Church of the Mother of God on the Lake and St Martin’s Church in Bled town.

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