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You and your guests are most likely to be without your normal mode of transport when in Slovenia. We have good relationships with local operators of hire and taxi car services which we can organise at attractive rates.
Hire vehicles can be booked for collection at the airport. But being a country where we drive on the right, not everyone will be comfortable driving themselves. We can arrange transportation to and from the airport, as well as on the wedding day to comfortably move you and your guests between locations.

Guest Transportation

Land transportation used depends on the number of guests. For smaller wedding groups we would recommend people carriers seating up to 8 people. For larger groups we can arrange the use of coaches. The costs will depend on the number of guests and the type of transportation required.

Water Transport

For transportation on Lake Bled we use the traditional pletna boats. These are operated by experienced professionals for whom the pletna is their livelihood and your safety a prime consideration. They will not overload a boat so the number of pletnas quoted for lake transfers will depend on the number of guests and cannot be negotiated.
For winter weddings, we do have access to covered motor boats at a supplementary fee if conditions demand.

Horse and Carriage

The slower pace of horse and carriage transportation can be very romantic. It is a relaxing way to be transported whilst giving you the chance to spend a few precious minutes alone on your wedding day.

Vintage Vehicles

A selection of vintage cars is available. These vehicles will lend a historic charm to your wedding providing unique photographic opportunities. We can arrange these services for guests as well as the bride and groom.

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