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If you wish to get married in Slovenia, you will need to arrange legal documentation at least 8 weeks before your proposed wedding day. You will also need to select and book venues for your ceremony and any post-ceremony dining. Obtaining and translating the legal documents can be a bit tricky, especially if you do not live in Slovenia and understand the system for obtaining the necessary documents and arranging ceremonies. Venues get booked up very quickly, particularly in some popular wedding locations in Slovenia such as Bled and Ljubljana, and there is always the question of which venues are suited to your requirements and budget. This is where we can help.

Please bear in mind that if you wish to have a church wedding in Slovenia you will first need to be legally married through a civil ceremony, either in Slovenia or other location – evidence of your civil marriage will be required before a church wedding can take place. We will send you full details about what is required once you have booked your date and your deposit paid.

Civil weddings in Slovenia are valid throughout the world. However, by Slovenian law a wedding is only legal when conducted by a government official and usually in the local registry office.

Same Sex Marriages have been legal under Slovenian law since 24 February 2017. Under these laws there are no nationality prohibitions. Under Slovene law the legally binding marriage is conducted by a Registrar as described under Civil Ceremonies. Church blessings for Same Sex Marriages are not available. Please note that for couples living outside Slovenia, your married status may not be acknowledged in your country of residence if that country does not have same sex marriage laws.


The time required to organise a wedding depends on the proposed date, size and style you are seeking as well as your nationality. Primavera Bled can arrange small weddings with up to 15 guests with the standard services and a date outside of the peak season within 8 weeks. Please contact us for more information.

Peak season weddings from May to September, larger guest lists, and additional services all require a longer notification time to ensure the availability of services and venues on the requested date. You should plan to confirm your wedding date with Primavera Bled at least 12 months and preferably more than a year in advance.

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